Community Care Solutions LLC

Professional Homemaker Services for You or a Loved One.


The devoted and loving people we call "Staff" transform day to day care giving into opportunities for meaningful conversations and activities that enrich the lives of our clients.  The services staff provide can contribute to longer and healthier lives for these individuals.

Staff requirements for employment are: criminal back ground checks, personal and professional references checks, driving record, and an extensive interview. Staff are preferred to have experience in homemaker services. If they lack the experience needed, we provide extensive training prior to placement with a client. 

Staff have a variety of education and experience.  When deciding which employee works with new clients, administration tailor to personality, interests, and abilities of the client.  

Our company promotes on-going education by having routine staff meetings and by providing informational opportunities to each member of our company on a regular basis. 

We take serious our role in the community to provide leadership and set by example the professionalized manner our employees conduct themselves.  We treat clients with respect and keep all their information confidential. 


Karen Brown : Owner, Client Intake and Financial Manager, and C.E.O.

Crystal Jones : Office Manager and Human Resources

Jada Brown : Insurance Care Manager & Client Care Coordinator, Employee Evaluations & Employee Relations Supervisor

Mack Brown : Transportation Coordinator & Client Care Adviser

Steven Price: Employee Coordinator & Supervisor