Community Care Solutions LLC

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American CPR & First Aid

*Hands on classroom training
*2 year certification
*4  1/2 hour classes
*Local and covenient
*Competitive rates
*Certification cards presented at end of class - NO WAIT!
** Equivalent to American Red Cross and American Heart Association 
Community Care Solutions proudly brings a new service to their company.  With the internet, so many services and programs are made available with the tap of a key board.  Which is great if you are already familiar with CPR and first aid, but so many people are in need of the training for the first time or just need a hands on refresher course.  
Karen Brown, L. P. N. is a certified CPR instructor amid her many other certifications.  The classes she will teach are equal to the certification of other agencies in the area and at a lower cost to the public.